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Transform and insultate your conservatory without changing its structure

Conservatories with glass and polycarbonate roofs don’t meet the requirements of most owners who desire the space to be useable 365 days a year. As a result, there are many ways to insulate your conservatory roof but nothing that offers a direct replacement for your existing glass or polycarbonate panels.

Sun-Room offer a system allowing you to keep the original head height and shape of your conservatory, these fully insulated, foil backed, uPVC panels allow you to take the thermal performance of your conservatory roof to the next level.

Never too hot and never too cold!

Our thermo-panels keep temperatures just right for all year round enjoyment! Plus you can benefit from...

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Optional skylights

Want your conservatory to be as bright as possible but keep you warm in winter and cool in summer?

We can leave an existing polycarbonate or glass panel(s) in place to allow extra light into your new Sun-Room.

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Reduced rain noise

All conservatory owners will appreciate just how loud it gets even with modest rainfall - by replacing your existing roof panels with insulated roof panels and our internal conservatory ceiling, you will be able to watch TV or have a conversation even when the weather is at its worst!

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Lightweight & durable construction

The insulated panel system is similar in weight to polycarbonate panels and considerably lighter than double-glazed glass units. This means your existing structure roof structure does not need to change.

20 off discount

Combine our Insulated Conservatory Ceiling and Insulated Panels and get the best of both worlds!

  • Improved external appearance from the Insulated Panels

  • Fully insulated Internal Conservatory Ceiling

  • Insulation performance of 2 separate systems working together.

  • Guaranteed to stop roof related condensation

Get 20% discount when 2 systems are ordered together!

Because the insulated conservatory roof panels are a direct replacement for the existing glass or polycarbonate panels, this allows us to pair them with our Sun-Room internal conservatory ceiling.

By bringing both systems together it creates an insulated conservatory roof with U-value of 0.16w/m2k that meets market-leading standards for a fraction of the price of other systems on the market.

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Features & Benefits

Discover all the benefits of Insulated Conservatory Roof Panels from Sun Room...

Why upgrade with Sun-Room?

  • Does not require any additional strengthening to your conservatory.
  • Reduced glare and furniture fading.

  • This system considerably reduces rain noise which is a big issue for most conservatory owners with polycarbonate panels.

  • To create “skylights” existing glass or polycarbonate panels can be left in place to allow more light in key areas.
  • All existing covers, caps and gutters will be cleaned and caps and covers will be replaced, as necessary.
  • Most installations are completed within one or two days.

Technical Data

  • Insulation U-value of 0.175 W/m2K. Equivalent to 200mm of Rockwool insulation.
  • Insulation operating temperatures – 40oC to +80oC.
  • 20 mm thickness (based on standard installations).
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