The question we get asked again and again is “will the conservatory will be too dark once the Sun-Room ceiling is installed.” We are glad to say that this is only ever a temporary concern! Once our ceiling is fully installed with our white cladding after being fully insulated the conservatory comes back to life with light. Our customers are left with a room they can use 365 days a year. Compare this to the situation this customer had before having a Sun-Room ceiling installed. First of all; the expensive glass roof which was supposed to regulate the temperature to a reasonable degree simply didn’t do as it was supposed to. It was far too hot in the summer and cold in winter! Secondly the blinds which are again supposed to block out the sunlight and keep the heat in during winter and out during summer simply aren’t up to the task. They also need to be regularly cleaned from dust and insects being trapped between the glass and the blinds.

Now that Sun-Room ceiling has been installed (far more cheaply than blinds or expensive glass) our customer is left with a bright room that is comfortable to be in throughout the year which needs very little maintenance!

Please consider Sun-Room before you consider other more expensive and less effective options.