Conservatory Roof Insulation

Conservatory Roof InsulationFrom the initial enquiry for conservatory roof insulation to the day of the installation, what is the process?

Customers can get in touch with Sun-Room in a variety of ways; through our website, by phone and via email. At the enquiry stage, if you have the length, width and style details of your conservatory to hand then we can usually give you an approximate idea of what the cost for conservatory roof insulation might be to you. If you then decide to proceed to the next phase then we will usually arrange a home visit for you.

Home Visit For Conservatory Roof Insulation

Conservatory Roof InsulationFor your home visit, a surveyor will come to your house along with samples of the materials we use. During the visit the surveyor will give you a firm cost for one of our ceilings and also talk you though the installation process so you know exactly what you will be getting should you decide to book in with us. During your home visit or at a later date if you decide to book in then we will aim to give you an installation date within four weeks. If you feel that you would like to see our work before you commit to proceeding with us then we can usually arrange a viewing within a 30 minute drive of your location anywhere in England or Wales. Because we don’t take a deposit, the full amount is only payable once the work has been completed. We accept payment via bank transfer, paypal, cheque or cash.
I have my installation date, do I need to do anything in the meantime?

The only thing we ask of you is to move as much as you can out of your conservatory before the fitters arrive. We can give you a hand with any heavy items that you cannot move.

Conservatory Roof InsulationWhat happens on the day of the installation?

Our fitters will arrive usually between 9 and 10am. They will introduce themselves to you and will also have Sun-Room identification cards. The first thing they before starting work will be to do a final survey of the existing conservatory roof and make sure everything is in order. If it is a complicated ceiling then the lead fitter will discuss the method of installation with the other fitters. Work will then commence and we will usually be finished around 5pm.

What materials do you use?

To keep our insulated conservatory ceiling as lightweight as possible and therefore reducing the stress on the existing conservatory roof to a minimum; we use the lightest insulation and cladding for our ceilings. Despite its light weight, our insulation has the equivalent uValues as 200mm of Rockwool insulation that is commonly used in roof spaces. Our cladding is a hollow uPVC cladding which traps air to provide another insulating layer to the overall ceiling.

Maintaining a Sun-Room ceiling

Maintenance of a Sun-Room ceiling couldn’t be easier. Because we use uPVC for our cladding, there is no need to worry about cracking or painting as you would with other products on the market. Sun-Room ceilings only require a quick clean with hot soapy water once a year or at the same time you are cleaning the rest of the uPVC surfaces in the conservatory.

Our accreditations

Sun-Room are members of the following organisations to give our customers peace of mind in choosing us to carry out their installation.

Checkatrade – to allow our customers a chance to see what our previous customers think of their new ceiling and what they think of Sun-Room as a whole company.

Consumer Protection Association – Providing our customers with insurance backed guarantees for conservatory roof insulation. Should Sun-Room cease to trade, our customers will be covered throughout the term of their guarantee.

Guild of Master CraftsMen – Giving confidence to our customers that our installers are trained to the highest standards in conservatory roof insulation.