Conservatory Ceiling Insulation

conservatory ceiling insulationThe installation operation, from beginning to end

After receiving an enquiry via email or phone for conservatory ceiling Insulation, Sun-Room will arrange a free, no obligation home visit. During this visit your surveyor will show you samples of the insulation and the cladding we use and also walk you through the installation process. In 99% of cases we will also be able to show you pictures of what your conservatory will look like after Sun-Room have finished installing your insulated ceiling. Your surveyor will then take all necessary measurements and give you a price to have your ceiling installed; this price will be a final price with no hidden extras and will include VAT. If you decide to book in with us after you have received your quote then we can give you an installation date there and then; there is no deposit to pay, payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or cash once the work has been completed. If you feel that you would also like to view our work in your area then we will arrange that for you usually within two days of your survey.

What we ask of you once you have received your installation date.

The only thing we ask if you contract us for conservatory ceiling insulation is that before the work commences you clear your conservatory as much as possible. Our fitters will help with any heavy items you cannot move yourself and they will also take down your blinds free of charge.

Before our fitters start the installation

Before the fitters begin work, they will do a second survey of the roof to make sure there is nothing that the surveyor has missed. If anything is noticed then repairs will be made where possible.

We use the best materials

conservatory ceiling insulationThe Sun-Room conservatory ceiling is fitted to the existing roof bars inside your conservatory. The insulation which has the equivalent uValue to 200mm of Rockwool insulation keeps your conservatory both warm in winter and cool in summer.  After the insulation has been installed, your installers will fit a hollow, lightweight uPVC cladding. The best thing about this cladding is that it is “in keeping” with the materials used to build most conservatories.

The cladding won’t crack with any movement of the conservatory and it will not be damaged in any way should you ever get a leak during the life of your conservatory. The materials we use mean you get the lightest insulated ceiling on the market, almost eliminating any stress on your roof which can be a factor with other systems that are available.

Maintenance For Conservatory Ceiling Insulation

One of the main advantages of using Sun-Room for conservatory ceiling insulation is low maintenance. Because we use uPVC, you can clean the ceiling with hot soapy water perhaps once a year.  There is no need to paint it and no need to worry about cracks or leaks which can damage other plasterboard systems.

Lighting advice

If you have an existing light installed in your conservatory then our fitters can incorporate this into your new insulated conservatory ceiling. If you currently have no electricity but would like lighting to be incorporated into your new ceiling then your surveyor can discuss this with you during your home visit.

Friendly team providing a quality job every time

Because we us our own in house fitters who have installed hundreds of ceiling between them you can rest assured that your will be getting exactly the same quality finish that we show in our marketing material.

For your peace of mind

conservatory ceiling insulationAlthough Sun-Room have been insulating conservatories for longer than almost any other company in the UK, we still feel it is important that our customers can feel safe and secure when choosing Sun-Room to carry out their conservatory ceiling installation. That is why we are proud members of Checkatrade and the Consumer Protection Association. Checkatrade gives our customers the opportunity to see what our previous customers think of Sun-Room as a company and just as importantly, what they think of their new conservatory ceiling.  Through the Consumer Protection Association our customers are also covered by a five year insurance backed guarantee when they contract us for conservatory ceiling insulation. This means, in the unlikely event of Sun-Room ceasing to trade, our customers will be fully covered should anything go wrong with their ceiling within the five year period. If other companies don’t offer you these benefits then we suggest you ask them why.