For your peace of mind

Sun-Room offers all its customers an insurance backed guarantee with every installation it carries out.

Which insurance backed guarantee provider do we use?

Sun-Room uses the Consumer Protection Association for all its guarantees. They have been established for 21 years and supply guarantees for the home improvement industry.

Why is this guarantee good for me?

You should always pick a tradesman that offers an insurance backed guarantee. It covers our customers should we cease to trade for any reason. If the worst does happen then you can call on the Consumer Protection Association to organise for the repair or replacement of your Sun-Room Ceiling or Guardian Roof throughout the life of the original guarantee provided by Sun-Room.

Independently reviewed

Sun-Room gives our new customers the opportunity to see independent reviews about Sun-Room as a company and just as importantly, they can see reviews about the products we offer.

What company provides our independent reviews?

Checkatrade is one of the most established companies that allows customers to give feedback on any work they have had carried out.

Why use independent reviews?

Any company worth their salt will allow their customers to see independent reviews or at least provide references for their previous work. What makes Checkatrade better than simple references is that Checkatrade runs strict background checks on its tradespeople before they can become members and all reviews are published whereas references can be selected to cast a company in the best possible light. With Checkatrade, standards must be upheld at all times.

Quality craftsmen

Sun-Room wants its customers to know they are getting the best tradespeople to carry out their installations. Our fitters have to uphold the standards of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen is one of the oldest institutions that allow customers to know the tradesman they are using will work to specific standards depending on which trade they are in.

As members of the Guild we have been assessed to make sure we meet the standards they strive to achieve. Because we are now members of the Guild, we are required to maintain and uphold the Guilds stringent professional criteria.